Firewall and Security

Protect your Investment!
Bitwise provides firewall and security equipment to protect against hackers and malicious attacks. Just like locking the door to your house, this is a starting point to a basic level of security. Ofcourse a lock on your door is not always going to stop someone from breaking in, it is just a deterrent. There are other options of protection just like in a firewall you can have basic or more restrict security depending on preference, equipment, price and level of access.

We only like to deal in hardware when it comes to security because it is one centralized access into the facility which we believe is much better then software firewalls. Software is more for the single computer home user which is fine, unless you have a business. If you have multiple computers accessing the internet then a hardware firewall is the better way to go.

Bitwise sells and maintains Cisco, Sonicwall and Mikrotik firewall equipment. We have both new and used equipment which we can install and provide ongoing updates, monitoring and support.