Phone Support - Avaya and Nortel Systems

1. If having trouble with lines locking up or phones not coming online

First try to reboot the system by calling our office we will remote into the box and reboot it remotely. Sometimes this requires a hard reboot but only if remote does not work. Hard reboot requires unplugging the unit and plugging it back in.

2. If desk phone has no lights

First make sure all cables are plugged in. If this is NOT an IP phone it should have a phone line going to the wall. If it is an IP phone the power will either come from a power source in same room or another location. If IP phone look for power adapter (POE) and unplug the power then plug back in, make sure has lights and all cables are plugged in.

3. Avaya Programming

IP Office Systems - We provide full remote programming support from our office as part of your service agreement. Call 810-658-6476 or email support@bwmail.net with any changes to phones or system.

4. Older Nortel and Partner systems

Call our office at 810-658-6476 for programming and repairs. These systems require an onsite visit unless an extra remote unit has been installed.

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