WiFi Service

Bitwise, Inc. provides installation and support of Wifi equipment using the latest technologies to get maximum performance for any business needs.

Wifi is a branded standard for wirelessly connecting electronic devices. Devices can include laptop computers, desktop pc, hand held device, smart phone, ipod, kindle and more. An access point (or hotspot) is the location sending out the signal which is received by the device needing to connect. The range of a hotspot is determined by several factors such as db of antenna or milowatts of radio transmitting signal. Failure to properly evaluate a location for new service can result in loss of signal, dropped connections or even interference from other foreign devices. It is highly recommended that anyone wanting to implement a Wifi hotspot or network should consult an expert first.

Consultation Visit Required to Evaluate current system.

We do NOT support other companies existing equipment unless it is one of the three manufacturers below:

1.) Mikrotik 2.) Ubiquiti 3.) Cisco

We prefer to install new equipment which will come with first year of support and maintenance. Usually the price for us to install new service is less then most companies charge for yearly maintenance.

Additional HotSpot services include:

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Limited or Paid access
  • Advertise Promotions or Specials
  • Monthly Usage Reports
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Customized Landing Page
  • Access Restrictions
  • Website Filtering
  • Access Codes
  • Firewall
  • Queues
  • Trafic Control
  • Hotspot Advertising
  • Usage Billing

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