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About Bitwise

COMPANY HISTORY Bitwise, Inc. started in 2004 as a computer repair shop. In 2005 we connected our first internet customer in Davison, MI due to lack of High Speed services in the area. Bitwise, Inc is a small yet growing company with a variety of services to offer, from fast, reliable and unlimited internet to cell phone and computer repairs with over 20 years of experience Bitwise, Inc is the best choice for you.

Here at Bitwise being such a small company gives us plenty of time to care for our customers and make sure they are getting the best help and service that they need, with one phone call you are directly talking to someone from our tech/support team to solve your issue.

Our History

Explore where Bitwise came from and how it became what it is today.


Bitwise is Established

In 2004 is when it all began in Davison, MI repairing computers for small to medium businesses.
30 Nov 2004

First Tower Location

Our main office today is still the location of our very first tower, 411 W. Flint St., Davison, MI 48423.
July 2007

First Store Location

We opened our first store front in Flint, MI 2005 and later moved it to Davison, MI the same year.
September 2005

Current Location

Our main office is located at 411 W. Flint St., Davison, MI 48423. When we purchased our current building and continue to operate out of.
Jan 2001