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  • Internet Service
  • VOIP Service
  • System Requirements

What type of computer do I need?

  • Answer: A computer running at least Windows 7 with minimum of 1GB of RAM, 160.0GB Hard Drive and Network Card or Wireless Card if have Wireless Router.

    This is minimum

Can I use service with Apple or Linux

  • Yes, as long as the computer you are using has a network card.


How do I connect to my Computer?

  • Technician will initially plug cables in and startup the service. It should work automatically when network cable is plugged into Bitwise Service/POE

    Just need a single computer or router that is broadband capable.

Is the service unlimited?

  • Yes, we do not currently have any data caps on our plans.

    Enjoy watching your favorite movies or youtube videos without any caps or slow down in speeds

Can I use Magic Jack / Vonage / Other VOIP?

  • Yes, but it will require an upgrade to run service smoothly.

    Recommended plan for this service is our Elite Plan

Is there any special configuration that needs to be done to run VOIP service?

  • For best performance technician may need to program Bitwise modem to provide QOS.

    QOS will help manage the traffic for VOIP services. If you have issues please ask to see if QOS is configured. Any devices not purchased from Bitwise we cannot support or guarantee service.

What are the system requirements?

  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher or Macintosh-based operating system

    64MB Ram, 2.0 GB Free Hard Drive Space, 500 Mhz Processor. (Note: These are minimum requirements and may hinder experience because computer will be slow.)

    Ethernet card or USB port (USB/Ethernet adaptor required)

    IEEE 802.3 (10base-T) RJ 45Network

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